762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

762 Club - Lyn Gallery Four: Models

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Lyn image 1

Winson Model Engineering

This quarter-scale model was offered by Winson Model Engineering in 2000 as a kit of parts. It was available in gauges from 4.5" to 7.5", and despatched in 18 monthly packs.
Photo: Winson
Lyn image 2


Built to a scale of 1:19, or 16mm to 1 foot, and 16 inches long, this model is built of stainless steel and brass, is internally gas fired and can be manually or radio controlled. 16mm scale on O-gauge (32mm) track, representing a prototypical 2 foot gauge, is a popular garden railway format in the UK. This model is based on Lyn as returned from overhaul by the Southern Railway at Eastleigh in 1929 - the planned configuration for the new build project.
Photo: Accucraft UK
Lyn image 3


This electrically-powered Bachmann version is in G-scale (1:22.5) rather than 16mm scale which makes the model a little smaller than the model above, although both can use the same 32mm or 45mm gauge track, by adjusting the wheelsets.
Photo: Murray Tremellan
Lyn image 4

L&B Models

This finescale cast resin kit runs on standard-gauge HO/OO track, but is built to 7mm (O scale), depicting 2 foot gauge. This allows narrow gauge models to be built using standard commercial HO/OO scale running gear, track and accessories. O-14 gives a more accurate gauge in this scale, but requires scratch-built track as none is commercially available.
Photo: Tony Spencer
Lyn image 5


OO9 is the smallest narrow gauge scale/gauge common in the UK. This Backwoods kit, with re-engineered chassis, was built by John de Fraysinet
Photo: John de Frayssinet
Lyn image 6

Backwoods in Brass

The model above, during construction
Photo: John de Frayssinet

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