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July 8th 2017, 50 years to the day post the demise of steam on the Southern Railway, and 8 years since we started the 762 Club project, saw the 762 Club proudly present a high successful members day at Alan Keef’s Ross-on-Wye facility to see our new-build locomotive Lyn undertake her inaugural steaming.

762 Club director Jon Pain welcomed around 150 members and invited guests of the Railway media in glorious sunshine and opened proceedings where a champagne toast was raised to the locomotive before attendees in turn boarded the footplate for a short ride up and down the demonstration track. Lyn performed impeccably and those present were without exception highly impressed at her size, smooth running and quality of build.

The 762 Club pays particular thanks to all those who have supported this unique project to date including suppliers, contractors, individuals who have sponsored components and especially our loyal members who made it all possible. Particular thanks to 762 Club Director Peter Best, Richard, Jez, Patrick and team at Alan Keef for undertaking an incredible amount of work in the past few weeks to get the locomotive completed.

Excellent catering was kindly provided by the Lea Church and our thanks to Alan Keef for their support of the event and to Richard and Jez who drove the locomotive on the day.

Lyn is now undergoing the final completion, including some technical attention to the injectors, vacuum brake system completed, whistles mounted, misc. bracketry, fettling and the like, and of course her Southern Railway livery applied.

Shipment to Woody Bay will occur in September for commissioning trials, official launch and the September Gala.

Circa £:25K of funds are still required to pay for works undertaken in final assembly; donations and memberships can still be made and will be most welcome.

For further information, please contact Jon Pain by email: jonpain@waitrose.com or via the 762 Club website; http://762club.com


25th October 2016 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Fantastic Raffle offer to be the first to drive LYN!

The 762 Club who are committed to building a replica of the original 1898 Baldwin 762 LYN for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway is pleased to announce that the assembly work to construct the new version of LYN is now well advanced and the final orders are being placed for the remaining cosmetic components needed to finish the locomotive by the end of 2016.

The end is in sight! And to celebrate this exciting achievement, the 762 Club has launched a very special raffle. It is the 'Grand Steaming Prize Draw'. The prize is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the regulator of LYN on its first public steaming, scheduled to be on Saturday 13th May 2017 at 11.00 am at Woody Bay Station on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.

Each ticket is £5 and only 2000 have been printed. Already several hundred have been snapped up and to buy your tickets, e-mail or write to Jon Pain, 26 Oaklands, Bideford, North Devon EX39 3HW. Cheques made payable to the 762 Club please. This really is a marvelous opportunity to make preservation history and help LYN get completed and into traffic next year.

Also, there are still a few memberships available to purchase either as a lump sum of £762 or through convenient monthly installments over 30 months.

For further details please contact Peter Best by email peterbest@spslimited.co.uk Peter Best at peterbest@spslimited.co.uk or telephone 07703 200 442.


23rd August 2016 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Landmark date for LYN construction!

The 762 Club, the group formed to create a new build of the original 1898 Baldwin locomotive for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, is pleased to announce a major landmark in the construction of the locomotive. Tuesday 23rd August 2016 saw the delivery of the final components needed to build the locomotive other than some cosmetic items like the boiler cladding. The two final assemblies to be delivered to the Ross-on-Wye works of Alan Keef and Son were the rear control linkage assembly and the 4 main spring mounting assemblies. With the arrival of these components, the locomotive is complete and now (just) needs assembling!

This huge step forward is the culmination of 5 years hard work by the small 762 Club team, its 326 members and the fantastic design team who have created what will be a powerful and elegant locomotive that will have 50% increased tractive effort from the original LYN. Already a strong start has been made with the saddle, cylinders, driving wheels and some of the inside motion having been put onto the frames with the target of having a full rolling chassis available for demonstration on Saturday 17th September at Alan Keef's open day.

After this major achievement, attention will turn to completing the fund raising. It is estimated that about a further £85,000 will be needed to finish the job and to have LYN in steam by May 2017. A new push is being made with a target of raising £15,000 by the end of September. If this is achieved, a sponsor has promised to match fund every pound raised. With gift aid, this would result in £37,500 going towards our assembly target.

With all of the parts now 'in stock', the 762 Club is busy planning the launch event and have pencilled in Saturday 13th May as the first public steaming at the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway at Woody Bay. Can you image the sight of an original looking 762 pulling 4 original L&B coaches? What a wonderful challenge!

For further information, please contact Peter Best at peterbest@spslimited.co.uk or telephone 07703 200 442.

Final Assembly Underway: LYN's frames on 18th August 2016 (Photograph © 762 Club)

762 Club Final Assembly Appeal Flyer"



Important date for your diary!

Please put the 13th May 2017 in red letters as this will be the proposed date for the first public steaming of 762 LYN at the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway 2017 Spring Gala. The 762 Club, the team behind the new build locomotive, have recently placed the final orders for the few remaining components to build the engine. Delivery of all the remaining parts is scheduled to arrive at Alan Keef's works at Ross-on-Wye by the end of July and assembly of the horns and slippers to allow the wheel sets to be fitted to the frames is ongoing now.

This exciting news is the culmination of 7 years hard graft by a small but dedicated team instrumental in recreating as closely as possible to the original 1898 Baldwin which was purchased at the start of operations of the iconic North Devon Line. The new LYN will incorporate many 21st Century features to increase the power, reliability and economy in order to haul 50% more carriages than the original loco.

The 762 club are confident that as long as no unforeseen issues arise during assembly, a rolling chassis will be on show at Alan Keef's open day on the 17th September 2016, leaving a good 6 months to complete the final assembly and plumb up all of the pipe work. Funding is still needed to finish the job, and there are still a few memberships available to join the 762 Club. Membership costs £762 but payments can be phased over 30 months. Also there are a few components that can be sponsored. Just view the 762 Club web site at www.762club.com for further details.

For further information, please contact Peter Best at peterbest@spslimited.co.uk or telephone 07703 200 442.



Major Sponsorship deal with Babcock International

The 762 Club, the group formed to create a new build of the original 1898 Baldwin locomotive for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, is pleased to announce the conclusion of a major step forward in achieving its goal with the news that Babcock International, one of the World’s leading Industrial manufacturers has teamed up with 762 Club to make the side tanks and Coal bunker for the new locomotive.

As one of the major employers in the North Devon economy, and home of a thriving industrial base currently building warships for both the Irish and Royal Navies, the Marine and Technology Division of Babcock International is delighted to get involved in the exciting program to bring back the old Lynton and Barnstaple Railway by offering to make three significant parts for LYN as part of their apprentice training scheme. Each year, 10 apprentices are recruited by Babcock’s to maintain a constant source of new young engineers to provide the necessary skill sets for years to come and to allow Babcock’s to remain a leading provider of quality, safe and reliable products. By helping to make LYN, they will be experiencing many of the skills needed to build far larger and complex challenges later in their careers but helping today to recreate a 21st Century steam locomotive which will be used locally.

The project to build LYN is due to be completed by the end of 2015, but a very significant part of the locomotive, the boiler has just been finished. These large components were on show at the Woody Bay Station headquarters of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway during its Spring Gala which was held on 10th and 11th May, along with other recently made parts. The 762 Club were also on hand to talk with new and existing members as well as having its retail stand offering quality products for sale.

For further information, please contact Peter Best at peterbest@spslimited.co.uk or telephone 07703 200 442.


Babcock's Apprentice training team, with the side tanks and Bunker for LYN, May 2014 (Photographs © 762 Club)


6th January 2014 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

LYN Completion Date Announced!

The 762 Club, the group formed to create a new build of the original 1898 Baldwin locomotive for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, is pleased to announce the projected first steaming date for LYN. It is going to be December 2015; just 23 short months away.

Spurred on by a record income in 2013, and new members coming on board at a rate close to 5 per month, the 762 Club believe that the momentum of fund raising, together with a significantly increased level of commercial sponsorship will allow orders to be placed with our principal contractors to make the steaming date of December 2015 a real possibility. A detailed and fully costed timetable has been agreed, with all long lead time items now having been ordered.

All components are being assembled at the Ross-on-Wye works of Alan Keef and Son ready for frames to be delivered in late 2014. Already, the boiler and saddle are complete, as well as the wheels, smokebox and many other items. A countdown page will soon be added to the 762 Club web sites, and progress towards the steaming date will be regularly updated. Also, our parts to be sponsored page will also become more dynamic and available for supporters to buy parts for LYN

Final additional funding will be needed to get us over the line and new members are urgently required to finish the job. If LYN is to steam in 2015, then we are looking for a further 150 new members each paying £762 which can be paid in 30 monthly instalments of £25.40. Please visit our web site of www.762club.com and sign up today!

For further information, please contact Peter Best at peterbest@spslimited.co.uk

Boilermaker Andy Bennett at LYN's regulator, 13th December 2013 (Photograph © 762 Club)


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