Detail from 'Exmoor Ponies' by Eric Leslie (c) 1998

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The 762 Club's first new-build project is now complete, and LYN is in regular revenue-earning service at Woody Bay.
The 762 Club continues to own and manage LYN on behalf of the LYNTON & BARNSTAPLE RAILWAY.

LYN features prominently on the L&B Website and Facebook Pages, and the new site will continue issuing news and status updates,
with these project pages preserved as an archive of the project.

(click on the buttons below to see how LYN came about, and what she is up to now on the L&BR)

* * * 4th July 2019: Update * * *

New 762 Club Website - old info archived...

As mentioned a few weeks ago, the new website is about to make an appearance. The existing pages are now archived, and will continue to be available and, once The Internet has caught up with the changes, you will be able to see the new site at the old address: while the old site will be at a new address from with links from the menus joining the two.

* * * 7th June 2019: Update * * *

New 762 Club Website - coming soon...

Apologies for the lack of recent updates on this website, but despite that, much progress is being made on the development of plans to build four Manning Wardle Locomotives - two at a time - for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

We are also working on a new website, due to be launched in mid-June 2019. The new site, using the same domain name -, will include a link to an archive of these pages, including all the original LYNformation bulletins.

* * * 21st September 2018: Update * * *

More of LYN on the Welsh Highland Railway

LYN at Dinas, 15 September 2018 © David Pool LYN at Waunfawr, 15 September 2018 © David Pool LYN at Waunfawr, 15 September 2018 © David Pool
LYN at Waunfawr, 15 September 2018 © David Pool
762 Club Member David Pool was at the WHR for his first view of LYN, and kindly shared these photos of his visit to the Super Power Weekend, Saturday 15 September 2018 (click on image for large version)

* * * 14th September 2018: Update * * *

LYN on the Welsh Highland Railway

LYN at Dinas, 14 September 2018 LYN and train at Caernarfon, 14 September 2018
LYN is hauling shuttles between Dinas and Caernarfon for the Super Power Weekend

* * * 11th September 2018: Update * * *

LYN leaving Woody Bay for a weekend away in Wales

LYN all packed up and ready to go, 11 September 2018 LYN Leaving Woody Bay for Wales, 11 September 2018
LYN all packed up and ready to go!

* * * 5th September 2018: Update * * *

LYN leaving Woody Bay

LYN - until last week in revenue service on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway - has handed over passenger duties to AXE for a while,
and is currently preparing for the first foray onto "foreign metals" since commissioning.

As previously reported, LYN will be visiting North Wales to take part in the FR/WHR Super Power Weekend
before returning in time for the L&B Autumn Gala, accompanied by the FR's own Manning Wardle 2-6-2 - LYD

More to follow.

Thank you, The 762 Club - Bringing Pilton's Exmoor Ponies back onto the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway

* * * 16th August 2018: Update * * *

What next for the 762 Club?

The 762 Club, together with the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust, is pleased to announce its next project:
Several years ago, the L&BR commenced work to build a replica of YEO a Manning, Wardle locomotive that ran on the railway from 1898 until closure in 1935. This earlier project was put on hold until the construction of LYD at the Ffestiniog Railway was completed and operational.

With Planning Permissions in place, now is the time to progress the construction of new locomotives for an extended Lynton & Barnstaple Railway; construction of both locomotives and railway will take approximately five years. Accordingly, the 762 Club is to construct not one, but two Manning, Wardle locomotives to run on the L&B. These will be YEO and EXE. The company name Manning Wardle is now owned by the L&BR Trust, consequently these two locomotives will carry works numbers 2048 and 2049. They will not be replicas, but new locomotives. The design will be closely based on that of LYD with various other improvements over the original three locos built in the 19th century.

The plan is for YEO is to be built in North Derbyshire and EXE at Boston Lodge. Construction will begin as soon as CAD drawings are prepared from the set used to construct LYD, and also as funds begin to accrue.

Full drawings and pattern equipment is in existence and has been made available thanks to the generosity of James Evans and the Ffestiniog Railway.

Both sets of name and SR number plates are being sponsored by Steam Railway Magazine and have been ordered for delivery in September. The original chimney from YEO has been donated to the project. We also have an original Manning, Wardle pressure gauge restored and ready for use.

Further details of this project will be revealed soon, an exciting step in the reconstruction of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

Of course, there were four Manning Wardle locos originally…

September's issue of Steam Railway Magazine features the launch of the project.

More to follow.

Thank you, The 762 Club - Bringing Pilton's Exmoor Ponies back onto the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway

* * * 6th July 2018: Update * * *

LYN is scheduled to be out of service from Monday 9th July for the pre-planned engineering work to enable the boiler to work at the designed higher pressure - 250psi.
This work is likely to be completed in time for LYN to resume service by Thursday 12th July.

More to follow soon.

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 22nd June 2018: Update * * *

As planned, following adjustments to the injector, LYN is now back in service at Woody Bay.

Looking ahead, LYN is scheduled to attend the Welsh Highland Railway Super Power weekend, September 14-16 - its first foray onto "foreign metals" -
before returning in time for the L&B Autumn Gala on September 28-29, accompanied by LYD.

(all loco appearances subject to serviceability)

Another update soon!

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 18th June 2018: Update * * *

Please note, LYN will be "on shed" most of this week.

As arranged last week, the injector is being sent to Alan Keef Ltd for modification.

The plan is to remove it on Monday, send it to AKL overnight, and for it to be returned later in the week (Wednesday night out of AKL).

Lyn will be out of action whilst this occurs, but should be returned to service within a few days.

Looking ahead, LYN is scheduled to attend the Welsh Highland Railway Super Power weekend, September 14-16 - its first foray onto "foreign metals" -
before returning in time for the L&B Autumn Gala on September 28-29, accompanied by LYD.

(all loco appearances subject to serviceability)

Another update soon!

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 12th June 2018: Update * * *

Steam in Exmoor "LYN" - a short video by Trevor Garnham

Lyn is currently available for service and will operate on occasional days between now and the end of the month.

Week commencing 2nd July, Lyn will be unavailable due to pre-planned commissioning modifications being undertaken. She is planned to be available for service again w/c 9th July.

We will endeavour to publish dates when Lyn will be in steam over the summer period to assist visitors wishing to see Lyn to plan their visit.

More news as soon as we have some.

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 21st May 2018: Update * * *

LYN and train approaching Woody Bay, 2018 Spring Gala
LYN and train approaching Woody Bay, 2018 Spring Gala

Lyn again performed faultlessly in the sunshine at the recent Spring Gala at Woody Bay Station on the 12th and 13th of May.

The loco is available for service and is scheduled to run w/c 21st May and the half term week w/c 28th May, before being taken,
out of service prior to the busy summer season, for a short period, to have various pre-planned commissioning items attended to.

The schedule as part of the planned work includes modification to the profile of the wheels.

A number of options are under review as to where this might take place, but no decision has yet been made.

More news will follow as we move forward.

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 14th April 2018: Update * * *

As you may know, LYN is not yet in service use at Woody Bay, despite the recently-upgraded turnouts at Killington Lane.
The two turnouts have been changed for new, larger radius ones.
This work was required as the radius was too tight for LYN to traverse them easily. Indeed, they were tight even for existing rolling stock.

Since then, however, some marking of the rail head around the nose area of the point has been noticed.
The Porta wheel profile that LYN uses results in a reduced-width wheel tread.
This affects the geometry of the tread surface to the pointwork as it crosses over the nose of the point.

There are several possible solutions under review, including modifying the pointwork, and removing the Porta detail.
Once the most appropriate solution has been determined,
we will arrange for the modifications to be made, and update this page with any further news.

Thank you, The 762 Club

* * * 15th March 2018: The final push... * * *

LYN: final fettling...
LYN was out today for a little fresh air. Alan Keef Engineers were at Woody Bay making adjustments to LYN's boiler pressure. The loco was steamed today as part of the tests.
With the track realignment taking place over the March Working Weekend (23-26 March), it is just a matter of a few weeks before LYN starts to earn her keep...

* * * 1st February 2018: News Update * * *

PLEASE NOTE: LYN is due to enter regular service during April, pending completion of engineering works at Killington Lane

The turnouts at the Barnstaple end of Killington Lane are being replaced to ensure a smooth and safe passage for LYN to negotiate effectively.

For more details, and progress updates, see the L&B Website.

* * * You've seen the loco, now buy the book! * * *

LYN; You've seen the loco, now buy the book! Available online and from the L&B Woody Bay shop. Click the image...

Launched at the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Autumn Gala to celebrate the Launch of the World's newest steam locomotive, Lyn built by the 762 Club. This A4 48-page book charts the story of the 762 Club and Lyn's modern day design and construction.

LYN Returns features both contemporary and archive images of Baldwin 2-4-2T Lyn.

A must for all Lynton and Barnstaple Railway enthusiasts and those who want to know more about this iconic project.

Edited by Tony Nicholson. All proceeds to the 762 Club.

Click the image left or below to order from the L&B online shop, or visit the shop at Woody Bay.

Price £9.95 plus £2.50 UK P&P (overseas P&P options available).

* * * 29th September 2017: LYN NAMED! * * *

LYN was officially named by Sir William MacAlpine at a short ceremony on Friday October 29th, followed by the first passenger specials for 762 Club members and invited guests. Trevor Garnham has produced this brief video of the first trains...

The culmination of our eight-year project has also been picked up by the local and regional press. Here is an example from the North Devon Journal

* * * 11th September 2017: LYN ARRIVES! * * *

LYN; arriving at Woody Bay, September 2017
LYN arrived at Woody Bay by road on the evening of Monday 11th September.
Shown here arriving in steam with a works train, a day or so later as part of the commissioning trials.

Not yet available for public viewing, LYN will be officially unveiled at the L&B Autumn Gala on Saturday 30th October, 82 years after the original railway closed!

For the latest information about this unique event, please check at the Lynton and Barnstaple Website.

And here, a couple of Youtube videos, from 18th September, by Woody Bay visitor cncmodeller g


LYN was the fourth locomotive acquired for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in 1898. Three Manning, Wardle & Co. locomotives - YEO, EXE and TAW - were purchased before the line opened, shortly before LYN arrived as a kit of parts from Baltimore, USA.

In 1923, The Southern Railway took over ownership of the line, and introduced a number of improvements including, in 1925, ordering a fourth Manning Wardle - LEW - for the line.

Apart from LEW, all the locomotives were broken up for scrap in the railway's yard at Pilton shortly after closure in 1935. Being the newest, LEW was saved for use during the dismantling of the line, and was eventually refurbished and shipped off to somewhere in South America and an uncertain, obscure, and so-far undiscovered future.

Who knows what might happen regarding replacing those long-lost locomotives, but well, WATCH THIS SPACE!...

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