762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Lyn Gallery One: 1898 to 1923

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Lyn image 1

Baldwin Works Photo

Lyn was built as locomotive no. 15965 in May 1898 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philidelphia, USA
Photo: unattrib.
Lyn image 2

Pilton, July 1898

Shipped to England in crates as a kit of parts, the loco was assembled in the L&B workshops at Pilton, to enter service in July 1898
Photo: RL Knight
Lyn image 3

Lyn at Lynton

The newly built Lynton Engine shed is in the background

Photo: RL Knight

Lyn image 4

Lyn and train passing a platelayers hut

A later picture, from 1927, although Lyn is still in independent livery and un-numbered. The original chimney was replaced with a "stovepipe" shortly before the Southern Railway took over the line.
Photo: Donovan Box

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