762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Lyn Gallery Two: 1923 to 1935

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Lyn image 1

Lyn outside the sheds at Pilton

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Photo: Lens of Sutton
Lyn image 2

Lyn at Pilton

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Photo: Lens of Sutton
Lyn image 3

Lyn waiting with a train at Barnstaple Town

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Photo: Lens of Sutton
Lyn image 4

Lyn at Pilton

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Photo: AB Macleod
Lyn image 5

Lyn heads a down train near Chumhill

It was near this point that, On 26 February 1913, four men of the Chelfham - Bratton track gang were travelling in wagon No. 10 - a 4-ton open. They were in possession of the token and the wagon contained leaves and debris collected from the trackside. Whilst running down the 1 in 50 gradient towards Chelfham, the speed increased and the vehicle's brakes were unable to slow the wagon. At a sharp reverse curve by bridge 25, the wagon left the track, landing at the foot of the bank.

Two of the men died in this incident. The two men who survived attributed the accident to wet leaves on the line.
Photo: DEH Box

Lyn image 6

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Photo: G Alliez
Lyn image 7

Gone to pieces

Pilton, December 1935. Lyn,like the three other 1898 locos, was sold at auction for scrap, and dismantled at Pilton. Lyn - lot 13 - raised a mere 50. Possibly the last photo taken of LYN - so far.
Photo: LT Catchpole

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