762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Lyn Gallery Five: Art

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Lyn image 1 @ Eric Leslie

Assembling Lyn at Pilton

Lyn arrived at Pilton in crates and was assembled by L&B Staff. This picture was used as the cover of the 762 Club launch brochure
Artist: Eric Leslie
Lyn image 2 @ Eric Leslie

Lyn in steam

Lyn with crew.
Artist: Eric Leslie
Lyn image 3 @ Eric Leslie

Lyn crossing Bridge 67

On the one in fifty climb to Woody Bay. Bridge 67 was rebuilt for the railway in 2002 by Edmund Nuttals Ltd, the decendent company of the L&B's original contractor in the 1890s
Artist: Eric Leslie
Lyn image 4 @ Eric Leslie

Lyn at Loxhore

This picture, entitled "Lyn storming past Loxhore in Southern Days" was the centrefold of L&B Magazine 87
Artist: Eric Leslie
Lyn image 5 @ David Fletcher

Lyn 3-view, with nA comparison

This technical drawing shows Lyn from front, back and side in comparison with the similar, but larger, nA class of locomotives used on the "Puffing Billy" Railway in Victoria, Australia. Click on the image to open a downloadable PDF version. Well worth printing off to a colour printer.
Draftsman: David Fletcher
Lyn image 6 @ Grenadines of St. Vincent

Lyn - Leader of the World?

This pair of stamps, with a face value of 1$ each, was issued by the Postal Service of the Grenadines of St. Vincent in the in the West Indies (Issued 9th October 1984).

The first illustrates a technical drawing and the second shows the locomotive at work.

From 1983 to 1987, the Islands of the British Commonwealth collaboratively produced an Omnibus issue of postage stamps depicting famous and historic locomotives. Far more were produced that would ever be needed for postal purposes, and these are now commonly available, unused, as sheets of 25 se-tenant pairs.
Issued by: Grenadines of St. Vincent

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